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The best casino slots reviews

Casino slots are definitely the most popular game in casinos whether land-based or online casinos people are always attracted to the most recent casino slots to try their luck while enjoying some great sound and visual effects, there are hundreds where to pick from.

casino slotsCasino slots have changed over the years, its production started since the 19th century and since then lots of changes have taken place to improve its playability since the first casino slots were completely mechanic, also its payout rate has been improving ever since to give more chances to win.

Here at Elite Casinos, we try to give you all the tools to get to know the best slots, so you can try them before playing with your hard-earned money and then decide if you want to select one of the recommended online casinos to try your luck and beat the house. In Elite Casinos we are always on the player’s side so we review only the best and most famous games from the best providers like NetEnt, Play N’ Go, Microgaming among others.

Types of casino slots reviewed in Elite Casinos

Most slots look very similar, however, there is an underlying difference between some of them. There are three types of casino slot machines: Classic slots, video slots and progressive slots

Classic Slots: These are traditional slots with only 3 reels, they are pretty simple and straightforward and are the most similar slot to the old fruit machines found in many stores in the 19th century. The payout in these casino slots follow a well-established pay table, however, despite its simplicity and lack of surprise factors, some of these machines might have some of the best payouts.

Video Slots: These are the 21st-century versions of the old fruit machines. They usually include very flashy visual and sound effects and include 5 reels with multiple paylines, giving the players the option of picking how many paylines to use. Video slots include in-game bonuses that come in the shape of free spins or some other prizes that are triggered when certain symbols appear on the screen.

Progressive Slots: These are all slots with a progressive jackpot linked to them. These progressive jackpots are gathered from all the casinos the game is available on, so every time someone decides to bet on the slot, an amount of the bet is added to the jackpot sometimes making it grow to millions until a lucky winner takes the prize and the jackpot is then reset to a certain amount.

Play free casino slots

All of our listed casino slots can be played for free right here in EliteCasinos if all you are looking for is fun, then make sure you take advantage of this amazing chance to play free slots and learn how casino slot machines work.

If you decide to start playing for real money, we also link a recommended casino where you will be able to find all the reviewed casino slots with great offers to start playing.

Take a look at our slot recommendations and let us know what you think!

Slots Not Working?

Unfortunately, sometimes the games experience some maintenance by the provided or they have some technical issues, in this case, we depend on the game provider to fix the issue. But before you should make sure your Adobe Flash is activated and working properly, if this is the case then is should be a developer downtime and it should work later.