All you need to know about online casino bonuses

The concept of promotional bonuses, began to take hold at the same time that online casinos appeared. Very soon it became a very effective strategy to make new bettors understand that they could fully trust the online betting platforms.

Therefore, the invitation of the promotional bonus was presented as an opportunity to start experimenting with the free money and to observe how the plays made through that value were transformed into net income for the bettor.

With the passing of time, the promotional bonus managed to establish itself within online betting houses, as a measure to continue motivating the bettor to be part of the casino community and continue to profit from each of the available games.

At the moment, there is a wide variety of online casino bonuses. Each bonus has its own set of rules and conditions in order to be used and to be able to obtain all the profits derived from the bonus.

It is important to note that the bonus represents a virtual money. The bonus can be obtained as a benefit that is credited by the same casino at the time you subscribe to the betting platform, or, it is granted after your first deposit to continue betting.

The bonus is always presented as an additional percentage, which is usually between 100% to 200%. Which means that if you make a charge of $ 100 dollars, the casino will reward you a total of another $ 100. In total, you will have a total of $ 200 to start betting.

It must be clear, of course, that these $ 200 dollars can not be withdrawn to your account. They must be wagered, since the same software of online casinos is optimized to differentiate the bonus value you have and the value you have achieved through the luck of your bets.

The types of online casino bonuses that exist

The variety of bonuses for online casinos that exist depends exclusively on the creativity and strategy that online casinos have to grant them to their bettors. For example, just as there are standard welcome and deposit bonuses, there are also some that are granted by special dates or on certain days of the week.

But in essence, the types of bonuses that exist are the following:

Welcome Bonus

This is one of the most traditional bonuses. The idea is that you obtain an additional value for the simple fact of subscribing and making your first deposit as a bettor. The value of the bonus promises an additional that goes from 100% to 200%, usually.

No Deposit Bonuses

Some casinos offer a totally free bonus, where the bettor does not even have to make any kind of charge to take advantage of it. That is, you subscribe and you immediately get a value that is between $ 5 to $ 20 dollars.

Deposit bonuses

Now that you have experienced what it is like to have the solvency of the bonus, now that you have played and known the transparency of the platform you are betting on, the moment comes when you make your first deposit. By doing so, the system gives you a bonus for a percentage value.

Here also the bonus give an additional value of 100% to 200% of your deposit. In some cases, this type of option is not always valid, but appears at certain dates of the year.

Free Spins Bonuses

Online casinos know that not all players prefer to bet on slots or games like roulette. Therefore, to encourage them to learn to enjoy these game, they offer free spins bonuses. A bonus of this style can give you around 100 spins and in a slot or roulette.

That way you can familiarize yourself with what the game entails and the profits you earn will be credited to your account.

Bonuses for loyalty

This type of bonus is granted when the bettor manages to accumulate a large amount of points for their bets on the casino platform. For example, the casino may stipulate that for $ 10 bets, you receive 1 point. When you reach 100 points, the casino exchanges ​​these points as $ 100 dollars.

Referral Bonuses

This bonus is granted when you get a friend you have referenced to subscribe to the casino, and he or she makes their first deposit. Usually, the reward you get is usually between
$ 20 to $ 50.

Conditions for using a bonus

Now, it is important to re-emphasize that the bonus itself establishes its laws and conditions, which you approve at the time of receiving it. For example, one of the aspects that determines that you can withdraw your acquired earnings has to do with the “Rollover”.

The “Rollover” has to do with the number of times you have to reinvest the virtual money in the platform before withdrawing the winnings. For example, if the bonus granted you a total of $ 100 additional dollars, the first earnings of $ 100 dollars will have to be reused on the platform to be transformed into withdrawable money.

The casino can also establish the number of bets required and the types of games in which the bonus has validity. Other conditions have to do with the time of use of the bonus, being generally necessary to use it during the first 30 days.

Casinos that offer promotional bonuses

In general, all online casinos have the proposal of promotional bonuses. It is very rare that an online casino does not offer this benefit to gamblers. Here is a list of the casinos where you can opt for these types of bonus:

  • Mr Win
  • Bet365
  • Jackpot City
  • 888 Casino
  • Sportum
  • Casino Royal Vegas






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