Roulette Games

history of rouletteSome say that the roulette game was developed in the 18th century. Its name actually comes from the French name roulette which can be translated as “small wheel”. However, the historians believe that the game already existed during the middle age.

In fact, some believe that it was used by the Greeks and Romans as a way to practice the mystic arts.However, it wasn’t until the French popularized the game with their own version that it became a wold success because of the adrenaline that it causes in the players and the easy rules.

What it’s known, is that the inventor and mathematician Blaise Pascal sought to reinvent the game, by organizing the numbers in the right position so that the winning odds were even higher and the game more fun.

Pascal’s version had a total of 36 numbers in the wheel, however, the 0 wasn’t present, which is different to today’s roulettes which include either one or two zeroes depending on whether you are playing the American or European version.

Types of roulettes

After Pascal other versions of the roulette were conceived that included the zero and some others even include a double zero, this made the winning odds even lower for the latter case. Nowadays there are 2 official versions of roulettes with some others being created by game developers like the Chinese Roulette.

One of the most known is the European Roulette which has 37 numbers, from 0 to 36. The second is the American roulette which also has 37 numbers but it also contains a double zero, which further decreases the winning odds.

The American Roulette is played mostly in the US and this is because the winning conditions aren’t the best as there are more numbers which decrease the odds of getting your chosen number.

Advantages of playing in an online casino

Playing in online casinos is an amazing experience because there is no need to leave the comfort of your home. Many of these casinos offer the possibility to practice in some of the games that we also offer in this section of EliteCasinos so you can practice your strategies and skills without spending any money.

Once you have mastered the roulette game then you can move on to any of our recommended casinos to play with money or to play in the Live Casino which offers a live feed of the roulette table so you can see all the action from up close and feel all the excitement from the comfort of your home.