How betting on horses works?

Basics of Horse Betting and Important Terms

Horse betting is not just for fun but involves math as well. One can understand the ways to bet on a horse to make a profit. Even though gambling is considered luck, over a period one can realize some strategy to take betting to win money. At the end of this post, you will find that watching horse race can yield you so much money. Yes, it will, and you must know how efficiently the betting on a horse works. Sportsbet including horse race has some tactics which every race enthusiast must know.

horse betting beginnings

Two Categories of Wagers

When getting into horse race bets, first know the basics. The straight wagers are the first category of wagering. As the name implies, it is straight gambling and beginners must start with to understand the horse betting, then deep dive. Just select the horse number and keep informed about its winning position. You win the money based on the amount you deposited.

On the other hand, the next category is the unusual wagering where you can multiply the bet on a different horse and all in single bet itself. Exotic is obviously tough race bets that straight but will yield better money as well.

Straight Wager Betting Rules Basic

  • One can bet on only one horse.
  • You WIN if the horse you selected comes first, else you lose.
  • You can bet on the horse as PLACE to allow your horse to come second or first and you get paid. Offcourse better pay for position one. But you still can get money in the second place. However, both amounts are lesser than the WIN bet. In WIN you take the risk.
  • The next step down is selecting SHOW, and your horse can come in one of the top three positions.

Exotic Wagering Terms

You can bet on multiple horses and in a single bet. When you feel confident about Sportsbet and especially on a horse race, then you can choose exotic wagering. You must pay more and can reap more as well. But, exercise caution as greedy makes you lose money.

EXACTA means at the same time you will select two horses to appear in first and second place and the same order. For instance, you bet on an amount of $5 on horse 4 and 5 to come in first and second place. You can take home money by just not #4 coming first but #4 in the first place and #5 in second place. Only that order will fetch you money. Additionally, you can BOX it and get paid twice if the same order wins.

QUINELLA means two horses you choose to come first and second, but the order can be interchanged. Either one can come in first and second place respectively.

TRIFECTA means a betting on three horses in place 1, 2, and 3 in the same order.

SUPERFECTA is betting on four horses in the winning order 1, 2, 3, and 4. These will yield you more money than any other horse betting, but equally, you will lose more when your horse does not win.

Therefore, take time to study the winning pattern of horse to take a risk and place a bet. Higher the risk better is the payout.

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