Basics of poker

Birth of Poker Game

Every game does have a background, and so is the poker game. It is known to exist for more than a thousand years across different cultures and continents. Information states that during the 10th century, the Chinese emperor played domino-card games. On another side, it is believed that during 16th century, the Persian card game “As Nas” was a first versión of poker game to the world.

The closest predecessor to Poker was Poque a Poker’s closest European game that caught fire during 17th century in France. The German equivalent of Poque is a pochen mapping, the primero of the 16th-century Spanish match. The game is all about dealing with three cards and to bluff or bets and win.

By 1834, the English-speaking settlers residing in the region of Anglicized Pothe adopted a new feature and introduced poker in a new dimension with five cards to every player from a set of a 52-card deck.

Later on, one could not track the growth of the game as it spread like fire. By 1871, poker game got introduced to the European countries when Queen Victoria asked for the game rules. Later during the world war, American soldiers got to know about the game. By 1970, the game had several new features and started dominating the casino world. The Texas Hold’em gained popularity and got a place in the World Series of Poker games.

Online Poker Game Rules

The online poker game differs only because it is performed using a PC and the basic rules remain the same. You may find some better betting options and games variety may vary.

Types of Poker Games

  1. Triple Draw 2-7
  2. Texas Hold’em
  3. Stud Hi-Lo
  4. Stud
  5. Single Draw 2-7
  6. Razz
  7. Omaha Hi-Lo
  8. Omaha
  9. HORSE
  10. Badugi
  11. 8-Game Mix
  • Every winner in the poker game must hold the highest ranking hand after exposing all the cards in hand.
  • Community Card Game – In Hold’em and Omaha, all the players will share a part of the hand.
  • In Stud games, every person deals with cards and few will be show up and others are hidden.
  • For Draw games, every player will deal with their cards and exchange them for new ones.
  • The High/Lo Split games will divide the pot as low hands and high hands.

Game Rules and Scoring

Usually, the game begins with 52 cards additionally with a couple of jokers. More than one pack of cards are used that will speed up the game. One pack at a time is played, and the other one is shuffled for the future coming deal.

In a five of a kind game, the best hand will occur in the games with one wild card including a joker or two one-eyed jacks, or even the four deuces. The five of a kind will have four 10s and the wild card, queen. It can also be three wild cards flat.

Straight Flush means the best possible hand using only one pack without any wild cards. The five cards straight in the line include 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 of heart. The best possible flush is the Printed card and 10 in one suit. It is called as the royal flush, and you win.

Next to the straight flush is the Four of a Kind, which will happen when the shown card has all four same numbers. Irrespective of the fifth card, this game will fetch you money when the other four cards look similar.

Full House will indicate three cards with one ranking and two cards in a different classification. For example, you can have three consecutive eight and two four’s.

Flush is a situation where all the five cards belong to the same suit.

Straight is a sequence of five cards and not in the same suit.

The 3 of the kind combination will contain three cards in the same rank, and another two can be of different ranking.

Two Pairs game should have one pair of the same rank, another couple of any rank and the fifth card could think of any rank.

Naturally, when you have one pair of same ranking cards and other cards out of the five can have any rank.

Finally, when the hand contains no pair means none of the cards are matching to one another and no pairing can be done.


After understanding what combination makes the game, you can learn about betting options. Winning money will happen only when betting is incorporated in the online poker or the poker table game.

Every betting round will start by moving the clockwise direction. The player can match the bet of a previous player, which is termed as CALL. They can skip the hand called FOLD.

You can also select a bet better than the previous one and move on without calling the bet. If every player folds or calls, then the game will get over. But upon rising, the bet will continue the game until a win or a conclusion.

Tips To Win Poker Game

One can play a poker game for fun or can bet to make money, but you must follow few basic tips to find the game an interesting one.

Understand the game rules. Start from the basics to know the terms like ranking, suit, colours, and scores.

Do not jump into betting soon after you start and you must play games till you get a hold of the game terms. Try flush, one pair, full house, etc.

Then start betting, and you must learn when to bet and how to move forward. Decide the right time to CALL or FOLD. You need not rise to next level always and play smartly.


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